11 Musicians Who Wrote Songs About Their Exes

To create a masterpiece, artists usually dig deep into their souls to portray their emotions or state of their minds through their art. And when musicians fall in love and go through a tough breakup, you see a reflection of that in their work. Depending upon the nature of their breakup, you could expect them to create songs that are either hateful outbursts or sorrowful pleas of a heartbroken lover to win their ex back. If luck permits, some of these songs turn out to be popular hits that instantly connect with their fans, while the rest give us enough evidence to speculate if the songs were actually dedicated to their exes.

No matter how poor or rich and famous you are, no one is safe from heartbreaks. So on that note, let’s look at some of the hit songs that popular musicians had written about their exes to vent out their feelings. These songs will not just comfort you during your breakups but will also allow you to peek into the most personal space of these artists.

Justin Timberlake 
Justin and Britney Spears were one of the hot couples of the 90s. When they broke up, Justin channelized his emotions about their breakup through the song Cry Me A River.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen’s songs are witty and they actually convince you to not mess with her. And after things went south in her relationship with DJ Lester Lloyd, it was pretty much clear what a major burn the song Smile was.

The queen of all the heartwarming songs, when broke up with her boyfriend Alex Sturrock, she gave us the ultimate emotional song, Someone Like You which made most of us cry our eyes out!

So What was a badass song that was dedicated to her husband Carey
Hart. In this song, you can see all her aggression and all the pent up anger which she finally let out through this song.

Ed Sheeran
When Ellie Goulding cheated on Ed Sheeren with One Direction’s singer Niall Horan, the song Don’t, pretty much gave away their story. And now we know how badly it hurt Sheeren.

Nick Jonas
When Miley announced her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, her ex Nick Jonas maybe had some lingering feelings for her and that’s how the song Wedding Bells was written.

Selena Gomez
After breaking up with Justin, Selena decided to be positive and focus on the happier things about their relationship rather than feeling angry or sad about things that didn’t work out. That’s when she wrote the song Love Will Remember.

John Mayer 
Paper Doll was John Mayer’s response to Taylor Swift’s song, Dear John. As we all know, when Taylor and John broke up, it was all over the news and it sure wasn’t a cordial breakup. By dedicating songs to each other after the breakup just made the whole thing sour.

Miley Cyrus
Miley and Nick were an item and after their break up, she vented it all out in her song 7 Things. When things didn’t go as planned with Liam Hemsworth, Miley was crushed and she felt that her most vulnerable side was exposed. That’s when she poured it all out in her song Wrecking Ball.

Justin Bieber
His relationship with Selena Gomez went on for a couple of years and we thought it was meant to last. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Bieber wrote a couple of songs like What Do You MeanSorry, and Mark My Words, about his lover, indicating that he is still moving on from the relationship. He also wrote a song about Chantel Jeffries – Love Yourself.

Taylor Swift
We all know about Taylor’s history of breakups. But she does know how to rise like a phoenix and turn a heartbreak into a hit album (read loads of money). She has written songs about her breakup with Harry Styles (I knew You Were Trouble), John Mayer (Dear John), Taylor Lautner (Back To December), Jake Gyllenhaal (We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together), etc. We wonder to whom is the song Shake It Off dedicated to.

Do you feel their pain? If you know what it feels like to go through a heartbreak and have a staple breakup song to get you going, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below.