The 5 best Parikrama live performances

There’s a reason why Parikrama is considered to be India’s most iconic rock band. We like to think it’s because of their wonderful live performances, which make amazing songs even better! If you’re planning to watch them live this week, here are 5 of their best live performances that can tide you over until then:

MTV’s Rock On featured a lot of gems, but this is undoubtedly one of the best performances to come out of the show. In this live set, the band struck that perfect balance between mellow and energetic that makes us love them so much.

When Indian Ocean’s Rahul Ram joined Parikrama at Blue Frog, there was no one as pleasantly surprised as us. What’s better? They even covered Stairway to Heaven. You can’t go wrong with this combination, can you?

Parikrama have been rocking India since 1991, but England had no idea what the band had in store for them at the Download Festival. Now they know what they’re missing out on!

Open Skies is a song best enjoyed live. At the Musician Expo 2012, Parikrama showed us exactly why this is true. The instrumental tune, which is both soothing and haunting, cemented Parikrama’s reputation as one of the best bands that India has spawned.

The best part of watching a live performance has got to be the crowd, right? This Parikrama performance shows us why that’s true. The crowd’s enthusiasm, combined with the soul-stirring melody, made for the perfect live performance.

Now that you’ve relived some of their best live performances, it’s time to witness the thrill live. If you’re in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai or Hyderabad, you can! Just click here and book your tickets to see India’s most iconic rock band live in concert!

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