5 reasons to attend the Bollywood Dance Music tour

Pulsating rhythm, foot-tapping music, hummable tunes a few latkas, jhatkas and much more. Bollywood music has always had a special connect with us through all the feeling that it brings along with it. It’s popularity soars beyond caste, creed and language. But what is the perfect ingredient that makes you want to stand up and dance to Bollywood music? The answer to this is a remixed Bollywood number, of course! An edited copy or an altered version of a song, mixed to sound different and dynamic, from its original.

The best way to soak in some popular Bollywood remixes is by taking a tour of the place where Bollywood Dance Music will be heard in abundance. The biggest Bollywood Dance Music festival featuring the best DJs on the Indian music scene will be spinning some music that you can groove to all evening. If this isn’t enough, we give you a few more reasons to attend the most-exciting BDM festival of this season: 

The line-up
The extraordinary line-up of DJs that will be present at this event is sure to blow you away. There is so much variety in music that it’s sure to please everyone’s ears.  Popular DJs namely, DJ Suketu, DJ Akbar, DJ Akhtar, DJ Rink, DJ Notorious DJ Amith and DJ Piyush will be present at the event. Known for their immense energy and passion DJs bring to a gig, it sure looks like an eventful affair for all music-lovers.
The Music
The dance music scenario is about reaching a euphoric state. And it’s all because of the music and the beats. Once the music begins to tune your body, you tend to dance and move to an ecstatic state. From the trendsetting Kaanta Laga, to 2014’s latest party anthem, Saturday Saturday; Bollywood Dance Music is going to serve you some of the most-rocking dance numbers of all time.
The crowd at this music festival shall also have the unique privilege of having an up-close and personal encounter with the artists. And if you’re lucky, they’ll even play your request. So get ready to drown in a medley of music. 
The Crowd
If you thought that all you would be doing is listen to some foot-tapping music and follow the beat, then you might be wrong. This is the place where you’ll only get hypnotized by the electrifying music spinned by the DJs. That’s not all, there will be synchronized singing, a sea of waving hands and some ‘dhin chak’ Bollywood dance moves to suit the rhythm. So supercharge and get ready to ‘Shake that Bootiya’ Bollywood ‘ishtyle’.
The funky outfits
People often perceive music festivals to be a moment of liberalization and freedom. A place where you can express yourself, with your attire. While some dress up fashionably, other don some groovy outfits. If you’re in a mood to experiment, then take hints from your favorite Bollywood movie star and replicate their look. The current hot favorite trends include – Deepika Padukone’s Finding Fanny look and Salman Khan’s masquerade look from Kick.
An electrically-charged atmosphere
From witnessing your favorite DJ perform live, swaying to some vibrating tunes and being amidst a crowd full of excited music lovers. The atmosphere at the Bollywood Dance Music tour is nothing short of being electrically-charged. This is a good place to meet and greet new people, who enjoy a similar taste in music. The perfect setting for a festival atmosphere.
Come September 13, and the best DJs in town will spin a Bolly-number storm that’ll excite you. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to let your hair down for the Bollywood Dance Music tour. Book your tickets for the event herehttp://bit.ly/BDMT-Tix 

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