There aren't any guaranteed paths you can take to the best life ever, but there are definitely things you can start doing more to have a richer life. One of them is to start going to concerts. There have been studies that show concert-goers lead happier lives than those that don't. Doesn't that sound like a good deal for happiness? Here are five more reasons for you to finally attend a concert: 

1. It's A Better Exercise Than Yoga

Instead of waking up early morning to go to a yoga class where you have to bend your body into unnatural positions, you can just head to a concert that always happens at a much more reasonable time to burn the same amount of calories. Plus, your workout will feature live music!


2. You Can Discover New Music 

Even if you attend a concert by an artist you are familiar with, you are bound to discover new songs. They might be some of the lesser-known songs by the artist or you might find your new favorite from the opening act. Either way, you'll go home with fresh tracks that you can listen to on repeat. 


3. It Gets You Bragging Rights 

After you go to a concert, you get the bragging rights to say that you've been to a concert. It wouldn't make you an expert on the artist, but you can claim to have more knowledge than someone who hasn't been to a concert. Just be sure to wield this power responsibly, or you might annoy the people who don't get how cool you are. 


4. You Get To Meet Other Fans 

Everyone has different taste in music and you might love some artists whose music is nowhere close to the type your friends like. If you have tried and failed to get your friends to like the same songs as you do, you can meet other like-minded people at a concert. It's also easier to make friends when you already have music in common. 


5. You Can See Your Favorite Stars In Person 

Lastly, the most important reason to go to a concert is to see your favorite artists in person. Whether they're DJs, singers, or bands, watching them perform live is a completely different experience than listening to them on your earphones. The atmosphere of a concert is completely unique and can't be recreated anywhere else. 


Ready to head to a concert? Here are some for you: 

Sonu Nigam