5 things to expect from Sunburn Reload

It’s time to let your hair down, and raise your hands to the thumping beats of electronic music, as Asia’s largest EDM festival is coming to city – Chennai. The EDM scene in India has become immensely popular, owing much credit to Sunburn – who bring the biggest names in EDM from across the world to perform in India, making Goa the Mecca of EDM. And with time they have injected their pulsating rhythms to other untapped cities as well.

Still wondering why you should attend the Sunburn Festival on the soft sands of the East Coast?
We give you 5 reasons why you should attend this spectacular festival:
1. The biggest EDM festival in Chennai
Face it, not everyone can travel to Goa in December to witness the Sunburn Festival. So this time the organizers bring the epic festival to you, in an attempt to present the best-of-the-lot in your own backyard. So put on some funky clothes and head to the most-anticipated electronic music festival only in Chennai on June 18. Get ready to soak up the sun and have some fun.
2. The carnival-esque mood
Sunburn Reload doesn’t just offer you some great music line-up, but it also amuses you with its spell-binding antics that provide 360 degree entertainment. An amalgamation of food, music, shopping and entertainment and ranked as the 9th best festival in the world, Sunburn Festival is sure to captivate your senses. What’s more? There might be a costume competition for those who want to unleash their wild sides!
3. The biggest artist line-up
Get ready to go into a state of musical ecstasy by grooving to the beats of the best artists from across the world. Sunburn Reload has partnered with some of the biggest names from India and the world, to give you an eccentric party experience. Artists Arnej, Shaan Singh and Kash Trivedi are some of the prominent names, who will drop some of the purest beats at this mega event.
4. Nitrogen Cannons
If you think that the theatrical fog effect, misty smoke and other atmospheric effects used for a concert are things of the past, then you’re absolutely right. In 2012, the organizers displayed the best of technological innovation at the Sunburn Festival in Mumbai, which consisted of liquid nitrogen blasting out of cryogenic cannons, and resulted in the fans going berserk. If Chennai is equally lucky, then you might get your face-full of the super-chilled-Nitrogen.
5. The biggest dance floor
Think electronic dance music festival in India, and think Sunburn. And the high-on energy event promises to excite you with its world-class line up, including Hindi numbers. Not a fan of Bollywood music? Fret not; non-lyrical dance music shall come to your rescue then.
So brace yourself to witness the biggest music festival that offers you loads of music with a pinch of madness in Chennai this month.

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