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5 Things To Do For The First Time At OneRepublic’s First Performance in India

After Coldplay, OneRepublic is one of the most well-known bands to come to India. They've sold over 50 million records worldwide and have had more than 3 billion views on YouTube. On April 21, they will be performing in Mumbai at NSCI Dome, making the show their very first performance in India. To mark this occasion, you can make this a night of firsts for you too. Here are five things you can do for the first time at the OneRepublic concert:

1. Be the first to see them in Asia

OneRepublic will be kicking off their Asia tour with Mumbai as their first destination. So you will not just be the first to see their latest tour in India, but you'll also be one of the firsts to see them in Asia for their 2018 Oh My My tour. How cool is that? 


2. Hear their latest album live

The band is promoting their album, Oh My My, so needless to say you can be one of the first to hear them play their chart-topping singles live. Even though they are sure to play some of their old favorites, you will catch the first look at their fresh music such as their tracks Kids and Wherever I Go.


3. Make this your first family concert

OneRepublic is a band whose concert you can take your parents and kids to. Not only do none of their songs have explicit lyrics, they are all equally enjoyable to anyone who loves to move to a good beat, whether they're fourteen or forty.  


4. Treat yourself to good tickets 

If you haven't splurged on any good concert tickets before, now is the time. Lead singer Ryan Tedder's voice sounds even better live and this will be a great show to get Platinum tickets for. You can also decide to make it even more special by getting a Star VIP ticket, which will get you food and beverages along with some exclusive merchandise. Why not treat yourself and see them up close? 


5. Attend an After-party

The best way to make your concert experience even better is to keep your night going by attending an after-party. Stay tuned for the details of the official after-party, but in case you can't make it to the official one after trying your hardest (and we hope you do), BKC has other good options for you, such as Dive and Burn!


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