Raw, rustic, earthly, heavenly, powerful – these are the words that perfectly sum up Kailash Kher’s commanding vocals and singing style. After going through a tough phase early in his career, today he has become one of the most popular singers in the country. He has redefined Sufi in Bollywood. With over 700 songs in 9 different languages and 2 Filmfare awards, one can gauge Kailash Kher’s success in the music industry. His band Kailasa is another reason for his tremendous success comprising brothers Paresh Kamath and Naresh Kamath. When the three come together on stage, magic is bound to happen.

Guess what? You can experience the maestro’s soulful performance live on stage in Gandhinagar on March 25th at the Gujarat National Law University. But before you book your tickets, here are eight Kailash Kher songs you should hear right now to get transported to the good ol’ days. 

We promise this will not just make your day but also bring back countless emotions and memories. And yes, you can thank us later for all the nostalgic pleasure.

1.    Tauba Tauba

Released in 2006, this peppy number will take many of you back to the days when Indie pop was ruling the roost. Unlike other Kailash Kher songs, Tauba Tauba is a fun number based on a hilarious concept. Watch the song’s video to know more.

2.    Allah Ke Bande

Though one might not remember this obscure movie, this song became a national sensation and was a favorite among all guitarists. 

3.    Teri Deewani

An anthem for all forlorn lovers in the country, this powerful ballad soon became everyone’s favorite. With over 27 million views on YouTube, no doubt it is one of Kailash Kher and Kailasa’s most successful creations.

4.    Saiyaan

Everything about this song – the music, the lyrics, the video – is magic. The song will just pierce right through your heart. A masterpiece in itself, we are just waiting to see Kailash Kher performing this song live on the 25th.

5.    Jhoomo Re

Based on Bulleh Shah’s mesmerizing Sufi poetry and mysticism, Jhoomo Re is a heart-touching song that not just boasts of absorbing music but also comes with conceptual richness. 

6.    Jana Jogi de Naal Ni

Another jewel from Kailasa’s treasure, this is a melancholic number apt for all those who have experienced the pain of separation. This one is sure to haunt you long after you listen to Kailash Kher’s raw yet powerful vocals. 

7.    Dilruba

This song is a throwback to the first crush, first love and initial butterflies in the stomach we all have felt at some point in our lives.

8.    Tere Liye

A typical Sufi number, this title track of an Indian series, talks about unconditional love and trust us, it is one of the best romantic numbers by Kailash Kher. Don’t believe us? Here is the full video.

So are you all set to attend the much-awaited concert? Take the poll and let us know which one is your favorite from the above list.