Best Adam Levine Songs Not From Maroon 5

Can you believe it's been more than 10 years since we have been introduced to the magical voice of Adam Levine in Maroon 5's debut album, Songs About Jane? He's shown us that he can be a great musician, husband, and father. Adam celebrates his birthday today and turns 38. Over the years, Adam Levine has grown a lot musically and even sang some great songs apart from the ones with Maroon 5. These are some of the best non-Maroon 5 songs of Adam Levine: 

Stereo Hearts

Adam Levine doesn't get to sing much in this track with Gym Class Heroes, but the little that he does is heartfelt and intensely catchy. It's a bit of everything – hip-hop, disco, club music, and it just works. The lyrics are filled with metaphors, but it is Adam's hook that truly makes this song.


Locked Away

Locked Away is another song that showed featuring Adam Levine is the way to make a hit track. This song was a collaboration with the band R. City and became one of the most popular singles of 2015. It is a lovely song that will make you appreciate Adam's vocals. This impactful song will have you feeling many emotions.

Go Now

Sing Street was one of the most underappreciated movies of last year. While most of the songs from the movie are sung by the young cast themselves, Adam Levine also got to perform a song that equally matched the rest of the brilliant soundtrack and provides a great end to the movie.


Lost Stars 

Adam Levine acted and sang in John Carney's previous music-based movie before Sing Street, Begin Again. This track was performed both by Kiera Knightley and Adam Levine but Levine's version excels. This is an emotional song backed by light guitar strumming in the background followed by the whole band.  

A Higher Place

This upbeat song is also from the movie Begin Again and it has some of Adam Levine's best work. It has more of a pop Maroon 5 vibe than the other songs in the movie. Without a doubt, this is a solo song that will have you humming all day. 

Which of these songs did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.