Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Bacardi NH7 Weekender – Day One!


The Weekender is back! And, as usual, in grand fashion. There were three stages operational on Day one. The Dewarists, The Dubstation and The Other Stage. We made it just in time to catch Warren’s Blackstrat Blues. Warren was his usual brilliant self belting out tune after tune from his guitar. The highlight of his performance was Anuva’s Sky. Pretty much everybody in the audience were literally humming through the tune. 

Post this, Ankur Tewari took The Other Stage by storm. One acoustic guitar, a soothing voice and a beautiful accordion. His ability to control the crowds was amazing! 

The Dubstation stage was going crazy! The whole setup of the area was epic! Once you get in you would not want to really get out! And, it wasn’t just the music that would pull the crowds. The sheer energy of the place was mind-numbing! 

At 9 PM, Indian Ocean took to the stage and from the word go, they blew everyone’s mind away! When they played Bandeh, the crowd went berserk! 


So much for Day One! We’re sure that day two will kick ass! 

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