At the tender age of three, when most of us are not even able to drink a glass of water without spilling it, Sonu Nigam did something that would change his life forever. The little boy went up on the stage and sang ‘Kya Hua Tera Vaada’ with his father. From here started the journey of Bollywood’s legendary singer Sonu Nigam who has given Bollywood several chartbusters since the late 1990s. Not to forget the sizzling pop numbers like Tu, Deewana, Ab Mujhe Raat Din, Bijuria, Kajra Nights and so on.

His good looks combined with amazing vocals have already spread magic. At this height of success, it is usually common to find other artists mimicking you. But Sonu Nigam does the exact opposite. One of his many talents for which he needs a thunderous applause is his mimicry of other well-known singers and artists.

Here are his four best mimicry acts which we are sure you will enjoy.

1. This hilarious video will not just make you appreciate the humor quotient of Sonu Nigam but also make you wonder how on Earth can he imitate so many different artists with such great finesse. From A. R. Rahman to Himesh Reshammiya, the singer spares no one.

2. Watch the video to see how Udit Narayan and Kumar Sanu perform the Titanic track. Be ready to ROFL.

3. Now did you know that Sonu Nigam can comfortably imitate the legendary female singer Asha Bhosle? Watch this video and let us know what you think about it.

4. Usha Uthup is no ordinary singer and to imitate that powerful, unique voice is no cakewalk. But watch Sonu Nigam do it effortlessly with the singer herself beside him. 

You might get a chance to see all these acts live on stage on 29th April at Axis lawns, Mumbai. Book your tickets for the legend’s first ever concert in Thane to experience the singer’s versatility live!