So you know Ed Sheeran….

One of the top-selling pop stars in the world?

The Grammy award-winning artist?

The Shape of you singer? 

Yeah..that's the one! 


Ed Sheeran was in Mumbai for a show that is a part of his Divide World Tour. A few weeks back, he met with an accident and was injured which led to some cancellations in the Asain leg of the tour. Fortunately, his Indian fans not only got to see him perform live, but had a blast on Sunday evening! Here are a few reactions that belong to the Twitter Hall of Fame:

This dilemma that sums up the after party scene


This sassy reaction to the usual concert hype


This person who decided to treat herself with the concert


Sheeran wearing an Indian attire which is now known as 'The Divide Kurta'


Sheeran dancing to a Bollywood song (Seriously, is there anything this guy can't do?)


These amazing visuals captured on the scene


In case you were wondering, how many people showed up for the concert


When Sheeran decided to show his support for the Indian Cricket team


Clearly, Ed Sheeran fans experienced an amazing night. If you were one of the lucky ones to attend the concert, comment below. Whereas for Sheeran, all we have to say is – Job well done!


– Written by Roshni Sheikh.