We Hope You Didn’t Miss the Magic at Virsaa With Sanam

It's not a groundbreaking statement that if you have heard the songs of the band Sanam, both originals and renditions, you can't stop yourself from attending at least one concert to see them perform live, and once you have, there is no looking back. You will find yourself attending almost every concert you can after that. Yes, that's the magic of the band. I can say this because shortly after attending their gig in Mumbai,  (which was less than three months ago) I found myself in Pune to catch another live gig of the band and boy they were good. So here's a small review of well my Saturday night went and why you should attend a Sanam concert, anytime it happens near you.

Held at Westin, Koregaon Park, the 7 pm show started at about 7.15 once the crowd had settled. Of the two acts that were planned before Sanam's entry. The first performance was by a band named After Acoustics who wooed us with wonderful Bollywood mashups along with a few popular songs, my favorite one being "Sky full of stars" and ending it with some of their yet to be released originals. The second act was by the dance troupe, Higher Vision Crew all the way from Delhi, who paid a tribute to Bruno Mars. The three-minute performance, which covered most of his career, was fantastically pulled off and honestly, I'm still trying to get over how good it was.

So finally post the two acts, the crowd was all set to see their favorite band on stage. The band was greeted by a thousand cheers after the three-minute video of all their songs was shown. Starting with Gulabi Aankhein, the lead singer Sanam in a mere span of five minutes had already got the crowd under his spell. One after the other, the four boys – Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Keshav Dhanraj And Venky S performed the best songs of their collection from Ishtyle to Ishq Bulaava to renditions like Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha and a lot more ranging from Marathi to Punjabi to Spanish and English, everything that could've possibly been covered was done in the next two hours. While the concert was a little similar to the one in Mumbai, it was still different in its own way. 

A little after 10, the band finally gave their closing performance, but not without a message for the youth which I must say, was the highlight of the evening. A message to stop infanticide, human trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse. I have to admit, not just me but the entire crowd was impressed by the act. If you've ever heard the band, we strongly recommend you to catch their performance the next time they're in your city. You can book your tickets here.