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The Justin Bieber Experience – Belieber Fever is Real

Months of anticipation and years of hope culminated yesterday when Justin Bieber walked on stage. The Beliebers who have been moaning about the fact that they are born in the wrong country finally got to see the object of their love and adoration live. The D.Y. Patil stadium echoed with the cheers of all the fans as he walked on the stage. And it didn't take long for that cheers to turn into roars as the first notes of Where Are You Now started playing. Justin Bieber walked on stage in a white t-shirt and shorts. You couldn't really expect anything else from the Canadian pop star in our peak summer heat.

Justin Bieber - BookMyShowBut even the peak summer heat couldn't keep the fans away as they lined up since 4 pm to watch the show. There were also a lot of fans who walked in at 8. They clearly knew what they wanted to see. Justin Bieber did not let the heat faze him and he kept on amping the excitement with each song. Although, he couldn't help commenting that the sun shines differently here. When he started singing Boyfriend the whole crowd joined him as everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics by heart. After a few more dance numbers, Justin got his guitar and gave us some soulful numbers like Cold Water and Love Yourself, which left some audience members in tears.

Justin Bieber - BookMyShowThis calm atmosphere was quickly changed when he sang Let me Love You and the bells of What Do You Mean spread a frenzy through the audience. And when he asked us if we would like to be his Baby, the crowd collectively swooned and was singing with him, his very first song. He almost walked off the stage, but the demand for Sorry made him come back and that ended the night on a high note.

Justin Bieber - BookMyShowBetween the music, he had some wise words for us. No matter who we are, we all have a Purpose, we all matter. This is the aim of his tour. And with a promise of meeting us again, he bade us goodbye. All the hours in the heat and all that excitement was worthy for the performance the singer gave us. Were you there at the concert? Tell us in the comments below.