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Legendary Band Dream Theater is Coming to India

After big musical acts like Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Justin Beiber, there comes an act that is probably going to make many people faint. If you haven't heard of Dream Theater…well you should. If you have heard about them, it's highly recommended you read ahead. If you are a fan, skip right to the ticketing page before it's all sold out. 

About Dream Theater:

If you like progressive music, Dream Theater have been kicking some major butt since their inception and you must lose no time checking them out. They are “considered to be the vanguards of the genre (progressive metal)”. From Long Island, New York, the band was founded back in 1986 by Mike PortnoyJohn Petrucci and John Myung. However, Mike Portnoy left the band in 2010 and was replaced by Mike Mangini in 2010. Apart from the founders, the band has two more members: Jordan Rudess and James LaBrie.

John Petrucci – Guitar
John Myung – bass 
James LaBrie – vocals
Jordan Rudess – keys
Mike Mangini – Drums

We want you to get to know Dream Theater better. So here are five popular songs you should give a listen to. Made by Music majors at Berklee, their music is known to be instrumentally immaculate. Their technical precision is lauded and right fully so! Their song The Dance of Eternity has 108 complex time signature changes!

Their top 5 songs you MUST hear

Their albums are known to be conceptually rich and detailed, thus heightening the experience of their fans. Their themes include dystopia, contemporary fantasy, science fiction etc. While they are the kings of prog metal, to maintain their album's narrative, they also have soft, mellow ballad-esque songs. Talk about being multi-talented!

Pull Me Under


The Dance of Eternity 

The Looking Glass


One of the most talented bands ever is going to be in India on the 8th of October this year with Dream Theater – Images, Words and Beyond. They will be performing at the MMRDA Grounds in BKC, Mumbai. Do check out their concert details here. Don't miss a chance to see this brilliant band that even other musicians swear by.
Here's a glimpse into their live performance at Budokan, Japan.