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The world come together through the beautiful medium of music. Be it any genre, Metal, Jazz, Rock, Pop, it brings different sections of society together. The whole point of music concerts around the world is to convert more and more people into fans. People who aren't huge fans of any particular genre can start liking it when they have experience the beautiful experience of a live concert. Live events are extremely eye opening in terms of how energetic the vibe is when you are listening to music being made in front of you, as opposed to when stuff is edited. There are any music concerts happening all around the year at any given time. Electronic Dance Music is a huge rage nowadays and people are ready to cross countries to catch their favorite artists live in action!

Music festivals like the Sunburn, Supersonic, Enchanted Valley Carnival, and others have the rapt attention and appreciation of the audiences. Electronic Dance Music, which was basically produced for solo dance nights blossomed into a huge rage and people across the world came to love it. The events which are looked forward to every year are Tomorrowland, Enchanted Valley Carnival and the likes which are held in different countries and venues. The hope for music lies in the fact that audiences are open to experimentation when it comes to it. Indian singers like Arijit, Mika Singh, Neeti Mohan and others are absolutely game for trying new things and that is only proved with events like TV Bollyland, where a fusion of Bollywood tracks and electronic dance music rules the roost!

Events are a mix of music, theater, and stand up performances among others. You might experience a different high altogether when you see actors perform a live act on stage without the assurance of a retake or any potential for edits. Instead of watching an average film, why not try and experience something new? It may be an intelligent thing to opt for a play starring seasoned actors than going for a movie with a barely there plot. Who knows, your spectrum of things to do on the weekend my just widen!