Nicky Romero Live In India

It is impossible to have a conversation about EDM, without mentioning Nicky Romero. Only 24, Romero is putting several youngsters to shame by the sheer intensity of his global appeal.

Born in Holland, Romero developed a keen interest in percussion instruments. But as destiny had it he was born to sit behind the deck.
He started spinning house and R & B early in his career. But today his music is a sultry mix of progressive house with a flavor of electro and acid. He’s had his fair share of supremely well received collaborations with artists like Avicii, Nervo, Krewella and several others.


His track, "I Could Be The One" is the result of his collaborated efforts with Avicii. This track topped charts when it was released as a digital download in Sweden, in 2012. When you hear the track you clearly understand how well Romero is acquainted with the mainstream club music. The track is amazing; it’s the kind that grows on you.

The track, "Like Home" is what came out of the joint endeavor of two of EDM’s strongest talents – Nervo and Romero. The song being uplifting  and full of energy is a total dance floor monster!

"Save My Life" is the outcome of Romero and Krewella’s talent put together.  The song is full of booming drops and a powerful wobbling baseline. We’d much rather suggest you to allow the track do all the talking for itself.

His solo release, "Toulouse" is famously known to have received massive support from the who’s who of the dance music industry. It’s the kind that’ll compel you to break into a dance!

Romero is definitely one of the hottest acts to have emerged in the EDM scene and when he comes down to Mumbai on November 24th, make sure that you’re there! Click here to buy tickets.

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