6 OneRepublic Songs That We Would Like To Hear at Their Concert in Mumbai

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OneRepublic is coming to Mumbai. Yes, we know you can't control your excitement as this is the band's debut show in the country. While they will only be performing in one city, fans across the country are expected to head to Mumbai to catch them live. They promise to croon the chartbusters from their various albums, so here are 5 songs we would love to hear them sing.

Counting Stars

This one is a no-brainer. Counting Stars is their breakthrough song and peaked at the second position on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2014.

If I Lose Myself

If I Lose Myself is one of their underrated tracks. While it has been a favorite among their fans, it didn't top the charts.

Wherever I Go

​​The first single from their fourth album sounded very different from rest of their songs. Wherever I Go talks about obsessive behavior in relationships.


A part of their latest album, Oh My My, Kids is all about nostalgia. It is based on the youth of the band’s frontman ​- ​Ryan Tedder.

Future Looks Good

This track will fill you with optimism as it tells you that everything will be alright. Future Looks Good is considered to be their next Counting Stars.


This song may have released in 2007 but is a classic. We can't imagine the reaction of the audience if the band plays Apologize.

OneRepublic will perform at the MMRDA Grounds on April 21 and you ​can ​register here. Till then, ​hear their songs on BookMyShow Jukebox. Happy listening!