When it comes to music bands, there's no other kind that makes us more nostalgic than boy bands. They remind us of simpler times when wearing caps backwards was the norm and phones flipped open. Boy bands were a unique musical and cultural phenomenon that reached its peak in the 90s and early 2000s. But we've gone without them for far too long and now it's time to bring them back. Here are five reasons why: 

1. The Boys

What are boy bands without the boys? Every group had members with various personalities – from the bad boy to the cute one to the heartthrob. 

2. The Talent

Being a part of boy bands wasn't easy and often members were only taken in after an audition. It wasn't just their singing that they were good at – almost all of them had an X-factor before it became a reality TV singing competition. And of course, their vocals were totally bangin'.  

3. The Style 

Boy bands created their own fashion. Sure, it might have been outdone at times, but they were style icons in their own right. They weren't afraid to go big and color-coordinate their outfits and they deserve a comeback so we can get some new trends going. 

4. The Moves 

We already know that the songs by boy bands were good, but the music videos were even better. And the credit for this goes to their dancing skills. Whether they were dancing at an airport like the Backstreet Boys did with I Want It That Way or at a train station like Westlife in My Love, they brought their moves with them. 

5. The Passion 

Nobody did 'love songs' better than boy bands. They had mastered the art of winning hearts by baring their souls and crooning into the camera. Boyzone sang about a relationship that was meant to be with Everyday I Love You and *NSYNC sang about breaking up with Bye Bye Bye. No matter whether you were single or dating, they had the song for everyone. 


Now that you agree a comeback for boy bands is totally worth it – we have something to make your wish come true. Two artists from two of the biggest boy bands are coming to India. Westlife's Brian McFadden and Boyzone's Keith Duffy have united to form Boyzlife to perform the two bands' biggest hits. Book tickets here (psst…the prices start from just INR 1000) and get ready for a hella cool concert. 

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