SulaFest 2015: Two days of musical bliss and a lot more!

Here’s to a weekend that we cannot recover from!

Taking a road trip is always merry. But hitting the road with your friends and heading to a festival that’s set amongst a breathtaking landscape weaves its own magic.

A word of caution: The content below will make you envious of the place we were at.

Gates opened at 12:30 pm, but we were inside the venue by 10 am (crew passes FTW!) Our blessed souls got to witness the sound check at the amphitheatre, where the main stage was set up.

This was the only time in the day when one could witness an empty amphitheatre. As the day progressed, the amount of grass visible from up here kept receding.

Strolling around the venue made us realize that there would never be a dull moment at Sula! There was simply so much to do – with two stages, wine-tasting, an extensive space dedicated to the gluttons, stalls that displayed some pretty incredible stuff, and an extravagant activity area called the ‘Sangria Room’.

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The stalls aka SulaFest Bazaar had a lot to offer – from the trippiest of posters to a vintage collection of vinyls. The area bustling with the most activity was the Sangria Room – which had the infamous grape stomping, tarot reading, dreamcatchers, an air-hockey table, a mini-stage of its own and a ‘Photo Hut’ by Festival Sherpa, which had happy faces posing with party props!

Being in close proximity to the live band, with musical instruments and equipment bedecking the stage, and the sun setting in the distance requires me to invent a new adjective. Each band and artist that performed on stage established a distinct atmosphere. While artists like Swarathma and Kefaya were easy-on-the-ears, Young The Giant and Nucleya had the crowd electrified! There were also artists like Cuban Beats All Stars and Yes Sir Boss that created a fresh and spectacular sound. It was another high altogether.

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Speaking of high, Sula had a wide assortment of nectar from the gods – their impeccable wines! The wine lovers could not seem to get enough.

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The indie music scene seems to have really kicked off in India! The second stage, although smaller, was thoroughly vibrant. Even before you entered the realm of the Atmasphere Stage, you could feel the bass vibing through you. There were also a couple of drones spotted hovering over the venue, adding that extra pinch of excitement amidst the people.

Vero Moda displayed an absolutely stunning show, with gorgeous models walking the ramp in elegant clothing. Couple that with powerful female vocals in the backdrop singing Adele’s record-breaker ‘Rolling In The Deep’, and you have the crowd raptured! Kudos, Vero Moda!

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The festival was sheer delirium for wine and food lovers. The wine connoisseurs at Sula Vineyards struck a remarkable interaction with the attendees, as they tasted the exquisite wines on display. The foodies could easily be spotted at the sprawling food court, trying out a variety of gourmet dishes.

SulaFest 2015 was a razzmatazz affair and a mesmerizing experience! We hope to see a three-day edition of SulaFest next year.  

Here’s an exclusive taste of the SulaFest experience:

Photographs and video compiled by Aubrey D’Souza and Ekta Shetty
Feature image courtesy: Nitesh Square

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