Beach party

Sun, sand, surf and music at Sunburn Goa

On the sands of time, with every passing hour, what remains are the impressions of a few who tread the path. Those bestowed with a music sense, hear the slow rhythm of waves, the wind swooshes past brushing your arm, the thud of your heart and the rustle of the leaves adds to the sensation. The on setting sun, the pink blush of the blue skies, the sea shimmering until the horizon, and amidst all this, a breathtaking event with the electronic music to jazz up the mood, the wilderness turns into a brilliance of symphony. Once barren, the soils now see the footprints of many who walk up to feel the rush of rhythm, to dance to the beats of life, to feel the vibe, to consume and to be consumed by the intoxicating melodies.

At Candolim Beach every year, Sunburn, Asia's largest Electronic Dance Music Festival, casts this magical spell on many. They feel the pulse, they dance along, sifting in the setting sun and blazing in the hotness of the pulsating soundtracks played by renowned musicians who come to Goa every year to perform. Spanning over three days, this event by Percept is as much for shopaholics and foodies as it is for feet-tappers and booty-shakers.

This neon-glazing festival kickstarted in 2007 and in its third year, it was helmed to be the ninth best festival in the world by CNN. Ever since, the festival has seen abundant growth – its magnitude and magic mesmerizes manifold with each passing year. Now in its 7th year, Asia's largest Electronic Dance Music event shall set the youth grooving for three days filled with madness and music in Goa.

The turf this year will be headlined by DJ Axwell alongwith other renowned artists lined up to give you the taste of grandeur. The festival will soon venture in the other terrains of the world and it promises to appease the youth worldwide as much as it has left its Indian counterpart mesmerized.

“Music, Goa, and Booze are my reasons for attending an event like Sunburn,” said Kunal Shah, Online Marketing Consultant. He further added, “As also Axwell, Above & Beyond and Afrojack are DJs I love to hear. It’s a treat for us, music lovers.” A media Planner by profession, Lovbert Lobo seconds Shah’s thoughts while Sweta Gupta, an Art Director, believes that the festival hypes trance music and casts a spell on those present for the event. “You get to listen to and dance to great trance music, you meet new people and you get to socialize as well,” she says.

Natasha Pinto, an advertising professional who has never been to the event says, “Sunburn is amongst the world famous events with celebrated artists from all over the world performing live. It is an experience in itself, so say my friends who have attended the event. This being a major reason, I would love to attend it.”

Being an experience of a lifetime there are many who wish to bask in the glory of bass and treble. A few rock music junkies, we spoke to, outlined their thoughts on the event. There turned out to be a few who deferred stating that they wouldn’t want to burn themselves in the scorching sun which is why they’d prefer late night parties but many enthusiasts turned up totally shunning such thoughts and were outspoken as to how Sunburn is a must attend fest for music lovers.

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