Throwback Thursday: 6 Songs That Remind you of Bollywood Remixes

There are only two kinds of reactions you can have when you look back to the era of Bollywood club mixes in the 90s and early 2000s. You either hate it or love it, either way, you cannot avoid it. You might still hear those songs in clubs and we are sure there is at least one friend who is still crazy about them. All the people from the 70s and 80s will not hesitate to point out that it was their music and it was ruined by the remix trend, but we know that we liked it better this way. Apart from some super music videos, these remixes also had one common quality. They were mixed with other international songs. For the worldly people, this must not have been impressive, but for many, it was their first introduction to international music. There are still times in clubs when you listened to an English song and wonder didn't you remember it from somewhere. Here is a list of some of the international songs you definitely heard in those remixes.

Stayin' Alive – Bee Gees
Remixed with: Ja Re Ja
Remixed by: Desi Boyz

This Grammy-winner Bee Gees disco single is still a song you can dance to in a club. If you were always a fan of classics, this remix is certainly a little cringe-worthy. But if you weren't this would have served as an interesting introduction to the wonderful world of disco.

Wannabe – Spice Girls
Remixed with: Saiyaan Dil
Aana Re
Remixed by: Harry Anand

Hailed as the ultimate girl anthem, this debut single of Spice Girls was recreated in 2016 as a part of #WhatIReallyReallyWant campaign by United Nations' Global Goals. There is no doubt that this song is favorite among the ladies and it is entirely possible that you heard this song when you were crooning to the remix of Saiyaan Dil Main Aana Re.

Dr. Love – Tina Charles
Remixed with: Mera Babu Chail Chabila
Remixed by: Sophie Choudhry

This disco single was blended well by VJ Sophie and you wouldn't have realized that there was a song called Dr. Love unless you heard it playing in a club somewhere. Instead of picking up the original, Sophie chose to recreate it in her song, which makes us like both the versions more.

Close to you – Maxi Priest
Remixed with: Kehdoon Tumhein
Remixed by: DJ Aqeel

This 90s hit was mixed expertly with the Bollywood song from Deewar by DJ Aqeel. The original was sung by Maxi Priest a British reggae artist. The song was an instant hit and has been used in a lot of songs, including Justin Timberlake's Make My Love Go (2016).

Hey Sexy Lady – Shaggy
Remixed with: Sajna Hai Mujhe
Remixed by: Jatin Sharma

Although toned down a little for the Indian audience, this song by Shaggy is quite evidently used in the remixed version of Sajna Hai Mujhe. Even the background of this remix is from the Shaggy version.

Phenomenon  – LL Cool J
Remixed with: Kala Chashma
Remixed by: Amar Arshi

No, we aren't talking about the Katrina Kaif – Siddharth Malhotra version of 2016. We are talking about the original Amar Arshi version, which had a part of Phenomenon mixed with the song. Both songs are popular and it is no surprise that they go well together.

Which other song comes to your mind when you think of these remixes? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.