When Eric Prydz made it to India

So it actually happened. Eric Prydz finally made it to India. It can easily be the only time he steps here. The reason it's such a big deal is not only because of his superior artistic abilities but also because he rarely tours outside his residential country, USA. You see, he has a fear of flying, so he tours around the states in a bus. Before arriving in the subcontinent, he was in Australia. Prior to his tour, he funnily said to his Aussie fans, “Australia, you better make it for my shows, because I'm not coming this side ever again.

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He performed exactly a week ago, at Vh1 Supersonic (Pune), organized by Viacom18, Starlight and Nikhil Chinapa. Cheers to Chinapa and team for making this happen. Chinapa has been in this industry since almost 2 decades, in various forms (DJ, promoter, what not). After making countless bookings, it seems like the final piece of the puzzle has arrived. When Prydz got confirmed, Chinapa said: “I feel like my work is finally done.

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Pearl is an artist and also a partner at Submerge along with husband Nikhil Chinapa and Hermit Sethi. Pearl comments on the booking, “This did not happen overnight. It took years of taking no for an answer. Years of building his reputation to what it is, and a long, tough, personal journey that many of you were privy to.” She was honored with opening duties for Prydz. She played a belter of a set, building up to what was to come. Not sure who could've done it better.

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To say that Eric Prydz has heavily contributed to the electronic music industry would be an understatement. Every track is a beautiful work of art. Quality with consistency, he's got it all. In this industry, it's not easy to stay unique and keep evolving simultaneously. But he does it seemingly effortlessly. Not only does he have countless dance floor bangers, but also a plethora of unreleased tracks. We hope they see the light of night. His live shows are to die for, with mesmerizing and hypnotic lights, not to mention the tracks he lashes out. The shows live up to their name – EPIC (Eric Prydz In Concert). He performs under three monikers – Eric Prydz (everything good), Pryda (progressive) and Cirez D (techno).

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His festival set was as Eric Prydz himself. Pearl said that it feels as if all the years of work, stresses, joys, apprehensions, successes and failures, will all culminate into this one overwhelming moment when Prydz plays his first track in India. And that's what we as his fans felt too. His set seemed like one very long track, which is the way it should be, for a DJ. He played a few crowd favorites like Generate, Rebel XX, Personal Jesus as well as a few of the aforementioned unreleased tracks, and peaked with progressive perfection.

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He culminated with his beautiful track, Opus. It truly is his magnum opus. Opus is also the name of his debut studio album and people fail to see the irony in that. They also fail to see the absurdity of releasing it so late in his career (just over a year ago). There were reports of tears flowing, as he played his opus. His set might have ended but the grooves continued, with a Cirez D after-party at Pune's Blue Frog, which was of course off the hook. When they woke up in the morning, the buzz of a spectacle having taken place the previous night lingered all day.

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