A lot can happen, if not over coffee, then definitely over Twitter. Well, 140 characters can make epic things happen. #weallknowthat. Recently, the desi Tweeples almost went crazy. Reason? EDM superstar Deadmau5 tweeted to our very own Daler Mehendi asking him to hang out. Wow! We didn’t see that coming. Neither did the King of Bhangra!


Anyway, the Twitter conversation went from being casual to #epic! Intially, Daler Mehendi was quite oblivious about Deadmau5 and mistook him for just another fan. Finally, when a fan broke the news, Dalerji responded to the tweet.


Every story has a happy ending. This Twitter story ended in a legendary way. Deadmau5 invited Dalerji to Sunburn for a gig! We almost did a happy dance there.


And if that wasn’t all, Deadmau5 also uploaded a video on his Instagram. Cool, isn’t it?

#desimau5 indeed!

Deadmau5 also mentioned that he prefers Tunak Tunak Tun over Yo Yo Honey Singh. Ouch!

Deadmau5 teased his desi fans with his Instagram video of Tunak Tunak Tun mix. And yeah, that sounded pretty cool, even though only for few seconds. Wouldn’t it be just great to hear the duo delighting us with their music? Daler’s desi dhol beats and Deadmau5’s electrifying house mix… Just imagine Bhangra Elecro Music – awesomeness to the max!

Here are few superhit tracks of Daler Mahendi we would love with a Deadmau5 mix:

Deadmau5 who will be touring India for the first time is all pepped up. FYI, the artist is performing in Mumbai on March 14, Bangalore on March 15 and in Delhi+NCR on March 16.

We really hope that Daler Mehendi and Deadmau5 make this mega gig come true. It will be  a moment to remember- Bhangra king meets the EDM superstar!

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