To quote Radiohead, "Anyone can play guitar". However, few people can play it as wonderfully as one of India’s leading guitarists, Dhruv Ghanekar. Though this is apparent in his records, nothing compares to watching him live in concert.

We were lucky enough to attend Dhruv‘s first gig with Dhruv Voyage, a collective featuring some of the country’s finest musicians. Kalpana Patowary, Gino Banks, Sheldon D’Silva and Ramon Ibrahim joined Dhruv Ghanekar to treat listeners to an evening of beautiful melodies.

Dhruv Voyage‘s live show mirrors Ghanekar‘s studio recordings by channeling the best parts of various genres. From Carnatic music to jazz fusion, nothing is off-limits on this voyage! With any other artist, this could’ve easily been a recipe for disaster. But for some inexplicable reason, it works in this case. And the final product is nothing short of a masterpiece.

There’s a very important factor behind this, and it’s one that sets Dhruv Voyage apart from its contemporaries. The band refuses to be shackled down by labels – about their genres and each member’s role in the band. Yes, the band is called Dhruv Voyage. But the only frontman here is the music. Ghanekar‘s humility shines through in their set, which gives equal prominence to each musician. And why wouldn’t it? They’re all marvellous in their own ways. Kalpana Patowary‘s powerhouse vocals fill the room and take on a life of their own. Ramon Ibrahim is a delight to watch on the keys. Ace drummer Gino Banks shows us why he’s one of the most respected names on the scene in an epic drum solo, which is rivalled only by Sheldon D’Silva‘s bass solo (yes, you read that right!). Dhruv Ghanekar? He’s Dhruv Ghanekar. ‘Nuff said.

If you’re still not sure whether you should watch Dhruv Voyage live, we can help you decide…

Do you want to go for a show that’s well-produced, but not at the expense of the music? Do you want to hear hauntingly beautiful melodies that you will hum long after the gig is over? And more importantly, do you want to witness a fine fusion of various genres in one evening? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, don’t miss Dhruv Voyage the next time they’re in town!