uh…1… 2… 3…1… 2… 3… Groove starts… And the blues hits you!

There is nothing like Blues music. The 1-3-4 progression (Musicians would know this), the groove, the soul, the rhythm and solo sections and those shivers…
Blues music is the base for all the music that exists today (Most blues musicians know that this is a fact). It has been said by many great musicians that if you nailed the blues, you have nailed music. Jazz, pop, rock n’ roll… everything else comes later!
With the Mahindra Blues Festival 2014 around the corner, here’s your essential lessons from the School for Blues…
 If you haven’t really heard the blues, then here’s a recommendation of how to start off with the blues. So put on your cowboy hats, boogie shoes, shades and get ready to have the Blues send shivers all the way to your shoes….
Song: Mustang Sally
Artist: Originally by Mack Rice. Covered by a gazillion other artists.
This is the one song you must listen to before venturing deep into the blues. And it’s not just the Mack Rice Version that is awesome. Everybody from Eric Clapton to Buddy Guy have covered this song! The melody that sings the lyrics “Ride Sally, Ride” will loop in your brain for the rest of the day, I assure you!

Song: Tush
Artist: ZZ Top
Ok. So this is not really hardcore blues. But it’s more of a Rock n’ Roll meets the Blues song! And boy, this will make you wanna shake your booty. Even if you don’t really have one. The groove on this song follows the perfect Blues standard pattern and add to that a dash of power – Music as well as voice, and voila… time for some Rock n’ Roll!

Song: Cocaine
Artist: Eric Clapton
Not only is this song about Cocaine. This song is Cocaine! This song will give you an instant high the moment you listen to it. A slow, groovy yet raw song that would make you want to sway your head from left to right and enjoy it as “Cocaine” hits you!

Song: Mary had a little lamb
Now when it comes to the blues, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN to SRV. The man’s a legend. He’s no more, but his music is eternal. And yes, this song has a lot to do with the rhyme that we know. Again, a slow, easy-going groove that will make you go “Hell Yeah” in the Texan Cowboy accent!

Song: Purple Haze
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Think psychedelic. Think “musical high”. Think Rock n’ Roll Blues. Think Jimi Hendrix! The man who is capable of putting you into a purple haze everytime you listen to his music! One of the chords that he used in a lot of his songs (The E7#9) became so popular that people called it the Hendrix chord. Now that this song is playing on my iPod, ‘scuse me, while I kiss the sky. You’ll do the same too, once you give this a listen!

Now that you’ve graduated from the School of Blues, it is time to head to the Mahindra Blues Festival 2014 that features Jimmie Vaughan (Yea, the brother of the guy you heard earlier. Stevie Ray Vaughan), Zac Harmon, Li’l Ed and more! It also features Indian blues stalwarts – Blackstrat Blues & Soulmate.
Time to get on to the blues wagon!  

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