Forever 27

“It was a warm night. I had a long way to walk. The crossroad was probably a mile away. And then I was there, sooner than I had hoped to reach there. This was going to be tough. My heart pounded against my chest. But I knew this had to be done. I had to make the deal. How else were people going to know who I was? How else were they going to respect my talent? This had to be done. I looked around for him. And then… He appeared…”

There are a lot of speculations surrounding the 27 Club.But everything pales in comparison to the story of the deal with the devil.

You are probably wondering what this 27 Club is. It mainly refers to an elite club of legendary musicians who achieved insane amounts of fame, but passed away at the age of 27. If one died of a drug overdose, the other shot himself, and yet another simply went missing.

The myth surrounding this club is that in every generation, a musician makes a deal with the devil for his/her soul. Then they get famous for their works, become the best at what they do. And before anyone can say, “Hey, isn’t your 28th birthday coming soon?”, they’re gone.

How much of the myth is true, no one knows. But boy, these men and women gave us some awesome music to groove to. So it’s time now to relax and enjoy the fantastic works by some of the most talented musicians of all time, who unfortunately passed away too soon. These men and women don’t need any introduction. And no matter how they died, they will always be remembered for their music. They did pack a whole lot in a very small time. In our hearts and in our minds, they will be… Forever 27.

1. Jim Morrison (The Doors) – Light My Fire

2. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

3. Janis Joplin – Maybe

4. Amy Winehouse – Rehab

5. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) – Paint it, Black

7. Pete Ham (Badfinger) – Baby Blue

8. Dave Alexander (Iggy and The Stooges) – I Got A Right

Alan Wilson (Canned Heat) – On the Road Again

10. Robert Johnson – Cross Road Blues

The myths surrounding the 27 Club will never die. The same can’t be said about the music created by the members of this club. Let’s hope wherever they are, they are jamming hard and being awesome as always.

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