The King of Rock n’ Roll. The one man whose music made the entire world jive and groove. For a man of such talent and caliber we would think that it could’ve probably been a little easier for him.

Unfortunately, for him, it wasn’t all that easy. He failed an audition for a local vocal quartet, they told him he couldn’t sing. Eventually he started working as truck driver and did a few local gigs. His style of playing was very reminiscent of the music African-Americans played at that time. Good old blues and rock n’ roll. He released his first album (self-titled) om March 23rd, 1956. The album spent 10 weeks at number one on the Billboard charts and was the first ever rock n’ roll album to hit the charts. Some of his best songs included Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Rubberneckin’ and many more.

His brand of rock n’ roll music was something that got the people of the world moving and grooving. Be it his style of music, his dancing or his unique deep voice, Elvis was truly the King of music. He was an artist with sheer brilliance and barring Micheal Jackson no one has come close to leveling the legend of Elvis. Apart from the being a rock n roll star he was also a brilliant actor. He made his first appearance in the film, Love Me Tender that released in 1956 and later went on to make a total off 33 featured films.

Elvis Presley is by far one of the greatest musicians to have hit the planet and though it has been years since his demise, he and his music still live in our hearts.

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