When it comes to good music, the one name that unanimously comes to most minds is Michael Jackson. The man, the legend. His demise in June, 2009, shocked the World. The World lost a musician whose musicianship skills are still untouchable.
I remember the first time I heard a Michael Jackson song. Thriller. The video was terrifyingly brilliant and excruciatingly long (so much for a 5 minute break from studies). Since then, it was an unstoppable  tryst with his music. Right from Thriller to Bad to Dangerous, each album was phenomenal. I’m sure none of us can ever think of a bad “MJ” album. Even Invincible, his final studio album, wasn’t all that bad, though, in my opinion, did not meet MJ standards.
Today’s his birthday. He is no longer with us and yet we all listen to his songs even now. For a man to leave behind a legacy such as this is something we salute him for. His album, Thriller, is estimated to have sold 50+ Million albums worldwide. A feat that still remains unbroken. And this was way back in 1984. 8 Grammy awards. 7 singles were released from Thriller. All of them – Number 1. Yes, we have had some exemplary artists over the years, but almost no one has really caught up with the might of Michael Jackson. Yes, his life has been plagued by controversies and what not. But, you still cannot deny the fact that MJ is probably one of the best musicians to have walked planet Earth.

MJ inspired an entire generation to pick up music and dancing. Till date we will still see people mimicking him. Here’s a list of covers that people have done:

Beat It

What a rendition. Very suave. Very sophisticated. Nailed it. Ok, so there is no EVH solo, but still is pretty good.

Smooth Criminal

The 2Cellos version of this song is as powerful as the original.

Billie Jean

This cover by this young kid, Sungha Jung, has sent ripples all across the World. MJ would be proud!

Black or White

This cover by Igor Presnyakov is brilliant. Something that you would want to listen time and again.


The King of Pop will always remain in all our hearts! His music shall never die!

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