When lip syncing was better than live singing!

We’ve all come to hate lip syncing. After all, is there anything worse than shelling out money for a concert and not getting to hear any live music? We don’t think so! But lip syncing no longer has as much of a negative connotation, all thanks to Jimmy Fallon! Lip Sync Battle, which started off as a segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, has now evolved into a full-blown TV show in itself! Hosted by LL Cool J, every episode of the show features two celebrities "synching their hearts out"! We can’t get enough of Lip Sync Battle, and we know you can’t either! So, here are 5 lip sync battles that are better than some actual live performances:

Hook – Emma Stone

Like we needed one more reason to love Emma Stone!

Wrecking Ball – Anne Hathaway

Do we even need to say why this is better than the original? We don’t think so!

Superbass – Joseph Gordon Levitt

Acting, lip syncing, twerking… Is there anything this man can’t do?

Shake It Off – Dwayne Johnson

"You can tell he’s done this before, in his bedroom." We agree!

Drunk In Love – Will Ferrell

We love Beyonce, but even she can’t touch this! 

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