If you’re a follower of talent shows from India and across the World and have a good idea of what talent is all about, this article will make sense to you.

So amongst the plethora of talent shows that exist on Planet Earth, the first few shows that come to mind are – Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, X-Factor, American Idol and a few others. Apart from these talent shows, there is YouTube where artists are “picked up” based on the talent they showcase. I wonder why a lot of YouTube artists haven’t really got the recognition they deserve.

So, here’s an ode to some of the artists who have managed to achieve fame without much real talent.

Disclaimer: This is an honest opinion. Please do not find me and kill me.

Ladies and Gentlemen. First up is – One Direction

One Direction is a pop band. Their members comprise contestants from the show – The X Factor. Now here’s the problem. The band – Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, all have nice voices but their nice voices belonged to the “covers” they sang. Now, when you form a band and release albums, voices aren’t the only element, aren’t they? The point of these shows is to scout new talent and not just voices. From what we hear of One Direction’s album we hear a bunch of kids with decent voices singing songs with no musicality at all! Whatever happened to superb compositions and earth-shattering lyrics? Also, two questions come to mind. One is – What’s this obsession that pop bands off late have with wooing insecure women? Second, what’s with the band name?

And now…. we have Adam Lambert

So, when I heard first heard Adam Lambert on American Idol, I was, frankly, blown away. The man had a voice that was so powerful, I really thought he would be the next big thing. His rendition of Mad World sent chills down my spine and gave me a feeling that shook my nerves. He then nailed and I mean NAILED Whole Lotta love by Led Zep. That was the perfect icing. His album released. I picked it up. And then, I wanted to shoot myself. Apart from the few covers he did on the album, none of his songs really stood out and most of all even the voice and theatricality in him suddenly went and hid in the corner of a lonely park. Unfortunate to know that someone blessed with a godly voice could not capitalize on it!

And for the grand finale…. Justin Bieber!

Ahh Yes! Justin Bieber. The human being who thinks he is the next nasty concoction of Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain. Holy Mother of God, someone please kill me. Now! A YouTube sensation from a place called London in Ontario, Canada and had his first break with Usher. Already seemed fishy didn’t it? Someone should have stopped .. errr… him.. I think, if you know what we mean.

Now the thing that most people do not get is that the voice that he has is not really going to last for long. His voice, one day, sooner or later, will crack. Or so we think/hope. Thanks to voice processors, his “core” voice can still be the same, if it cracks that is.



Point to be noted: Select people who sing/perform original material! And not just “whatever” material.

With better music, the World is always a better place to live!

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