Music composer Mikey McCleary hits the right note again with Shonali Bose’s upcoming film, Margarita With a Straw.

Mikey, who gave us fab tracks like Khoya Khoya Chand from Shaitan and Dama Dam Mast Kalandar, gives us another reason to fall in love with the film. The film’s OST consists of nine tracks. And each song is rich in lyrics embroidered with lush melodies.

Joi Barua spells out the joyous spirit of Laila with Dusokute. Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics, combined with the soaring vocals of Joi Barua, make Dusokute a track that you would love to play on loop. The usage of an Assamese term as the catchphrase adds on to the lively track.

We all love songs where we can show off our dance skills. Foreign Balamwa by Neha Kakkar is a good party track. A love song with a twist and much energy.

"Samandar ke seene se, uth ke leher, choone chali aasman…" Rachel Varghese hits the sweet spot with Choone Chali Asman. There’s an instant feel-good factor about the song. Rachel spins a tale of dreams with her voice and the brilliant lyrics penned by Prasoon Joshi.

Meri Aadat Mera Hissa is a poignant track. Though Anushka Manchanda led you to the dance floor with Dance Basanti, this song will make you somewhat melancholic.

Mikey gives us the essential jazz track with I Need A Man sung by Vivienne Pocha.

Need a song for a lazy afternoon? Soak into the melodious track Don’t Go Running Off Anytime sung by Mikey McClearly himself. It’s a happy song to which you can hum along.

Aai’s Aalap features vocals by Rajnigandha Shekhawat. The classical element in the song makes the track soothing. The same goes for the soft and melodious instrumental track, Laila’s Theme.

Although the Margarita With A Straw soundtrack is not exactly groundbreaking, it does offer us something new and different from the booty-shaking tracks of Bollywood. It is a mosaic of sounds that will charm you and take you on an emotional journey with Laila.

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