We all dream about being guitar heroes! Strapping on an axe and raising a fist to the heavens and howling into the night, that’s always been the dream of anyone who grew up with the legends of Rock! 

And one band stands out of the crowd – Metallica. They have made their mark on the planet and once you have been exposed to the glorious-ness of the band, you are hooked. There is nowhere to run! Metallica has given us moments of sheer joy and ecstasy ( you know what I am talking about.) 
Let’s take a walk down memory lane and visit the iconic songs from the gods of rock! You know you want to! 
1. Ecstasy of Gold

Paying tribute to Ennio Morricone, Metallica delivers a song that sends chills up your spine. Once you listen to this number, the image of the wild West is seared into your mind. With epic notes from that drive the song to the beautiful solo and the crowd howling in tune, Ecstasy of Gold is a must-listen. 
Oh, by the way, this version was nominated for a Grammy
2. Seek & Destroy

A song from their debut album – Kill ‘Em All, Seek & Destroy has been routinely played at the end of their concerts. Metallica gets the crowd going to howl just 3 words in unison! “Seek” “And” “Destroy”. This song takes the oldies back into the glory days of thrash metal! Hammett and Ulrich give us a brilliant lead guitar and drum solo. Feel the spirit! 
3. Master of Puppets


The  power of this speed thrash song keeps you on your feet! Moshing to this starts slowly, headbanging first, then the pace picks up! As you get into the flow, the solo kicks in. You will sway, and close your eyes. Hammet gets your pulse going with an amazing solo. You can feel the pulse and that’s it! Hetfield’s power vocals make the song epic! 
4. Here, we have to take a moment and add the whole Metallica album. Known to the world as the Black Album and containing hits such as “The Unforgiven”, “Enter Sandman”, “Nothing Else Matters”, “Of Wolf and Man” and “The God That Failed”, this album turned into one of the largest selling albums of all time. It went 16x platinum and has had over 16 million copies sold worldwide since it’s release. Here is Nothing Else Matters

The power and lyrics of this song just transports you to a different world. Children of the world, please learn this song. Breathe it, live it! You will be surprised as to how relevant this song really is. 
5. Over here we have Fuel and The Unforgiven II: Both  seem to be on different sides of the rock spectrum. And when you listen to the both, there is balance hidden deep within. With Fuel, the song just wants you to floor it and rip a hole in space-time! 

The Unforgiven II: A little slower off the pace. This song is perfect for those lazy summer nights with friends. A few whiskeys and you are set. All that remains is this song. The lyrics are sublime and so touching, you are pulled in. What else can be said about The Unforgiven II? “Are you unforgiven too?”

That’s the list. A few songs from a rock band that has shaped our youth! We need to get back to the originals and feel the pulse of rock again! Till then, rock on! 

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