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Mom: Soundcheck – Rahman’s Midas Touch Creates Magic

Three days to go for Sridevi’s much anticipated emotional drama Mom, also starring Nawazuddin Siddique and Akshaye Khanna, to hit the theatres on July 7th and we just can’t wait for the powerhouse of talent that Sridevi is to woo us with her performance. It is special for the lady as this is her 300th film and the 50th year of her career. The makers of the film have smartly kept the plot a secret. What adds more mystery and thrill is the music of the film composed by the Mozart of Madras himself A.R. Rahman. Rahman’s blissful orchestration coupled with the spectacular vocals by new and upcoming vocalists raise the quality 10times higher than the kind of music are being treated with. 

With seven soulful tracks to boast of, Rahman weaves magic by way of unorthodox, intriguing music that is unusual by all standards. It requires patience and taste to like this kind of music. Here is our review of Mom’s highly unconventional soundtrack. 

O Sona Tere Liye

A signature A.R. Rahman song, O Sona acts like a sedative lullaby, that begins with a gentle prelude shooting up to powerful singing by A.R. Rahman in his remarkable voice alongside the sparkling new talent Shashaa Tirupati

Be Nazaara 

One of the best from the album, the music for this is composed by Traditional and will delight music aficionados with its perfect amalgamation of Hindustani Classical music as it starts with a Raaga smoothly transitioning into a fast-paced EDM melody. Sudeep Jaipurwale of the Jaipur Gharana adds soul to this number. 

Kooke Kawn

Though average with respect to Rahman standards, Kooke Kawn sung by the energetic Sukhwinder Singh in his versatile voice, is the ultimate party number. Interspersed with fast paced music, the folk flavor of this song will clearly impress a lot of Rahman fans. 

PS: This song is more of an omen and the video clearly hints to an upcoming disaster. 

Raakh Baakhi 

With unusual staccato beats within interesting Electronic Music, Raakh Baakhi mirrors the film’s emotions through its continuous vibrations which become highly psychedelic, especially towards the end. 

Freaking Life 

Reflecting the typical youngsters' angst, the fast beat of this number with a recurrent screeching of the word "freaking" will definitely find fans in the younger crowd. Singers RianjaliRaja Kumari and Suzanne D’Mello do a wonderful job.

Chal Kahin Door

Shashaa Tirupati totally owns this song as her vocals accompany the perfect tunes played on the piano followed by a breathtaking flute interlude. This has to be one of the finest music pieces in the film as the multiple variations throughout the song boast of an awesome orchestration set up.

Muafi Mushkil 

With an unsettling acapella-style singing in the background, Muafi Mushkil is a wonderful experimentation. The rising and falling notes with minimum orchestration and incredible singing by Darshana KT make this song the best in the film. Do not believe us? Hear it for yourself. 

A lot of suspense and intrigue has already been created with Rahman’s exceptional music. For the perfect experience, book your ticket now and do not forget to read our review of Mom