There’s no better way to start off a new month than with some good music, is there? And if some of the recently released music is any indication, it looks like October is off to a great start! This month is going to be especially amazing for indie rock fans, who have just been treated to some stellar new releases. From B-sides by Arcade Fire to Wavves‘ return to form, this month is going to make us experience music-induced nirvana! Do you want the lowdown on the best new music? Here are the 5 best tracks to start October with:

What a Nice Surprise – Rey Pila

Though What a Nice Surprise was originally released as a standalone single, it wasn’t until recently that we got to listen to Rey Pila‘s full LP. And boy, was it worth the wait! One of the finest tracks on the record, this is the perfect conclusion to an amazing album… And an amazing way to start a brand new month!

Clearest Blue – CHVRCHES

We’ll never understand how CHVRCHES manages to strike the right balance between pop and indie rock. But if there’s one track that showcases their expertise, it’s Clearest Blue. The synth and the vocals make for a song that is both energizing and calming. (Again, how do they do it?)

Women of a Certain Age – Arcade Fire

Can you believe it has been two years since Arcade Fire released their genre-defining record, Reflektor? Just when the lack of new music by Arcade Fire was starting to upset us, the band released The Reflektor Tapes. The B-sides are so good, that it’s hard to believe that they aren’t lead singles. And if there’s one we love the most, it’s Women of a Certain Age.

Pony – Wavves

Undoubtedly Wavves‘ best track since 2011’s Poor LenorePony is the perfect upbeat rock song! Melodic yet gritty, the song marks Wavves‘ return to form. We didn’t realize it until we listened to Pony, but boy, we’ve missed Wavves! Welcome back, boys!

We Made It – Born Ruffians

It’s hard to do mellow indie rock without crossing the line into mushy. But if there’s one band that knows how to do it right, it’s Born Ruffians. Don’t just take our word for it though. Push play on We Made It, and relive the magic of early millenium rock!