The New Face of Indie Music In India

Listening to globally famous artists is great, but when you listen to good music from the Indie scenario of your own country, there’s a different thrill attached to it. Paradigm Shift, Coshish and Vasudha Sharma are wholly Indian and are brewers of soulful and fresh sounds that are desi to the core, yet have a distinct global flavour. What all three of these artists have in common is immense talent and tons of honesty in their approach to making music.

Vasudha Sharma

I don’t particularly remember Vasudha’s voice from her Aasma days. She had to choose between falling into the formulaic world of Bollywood singing or rediscovering her own voice post-Aasma. Here’s the good news: She is now armed with a music degree from Berkelee. Sharma took the path less traveled and her music has now become a smooth blend of Indian classical and Jazz. However, her vocals seem slightly high on reverb. While some of her songs are a bit lengthy because of all the heavy instrumentation, recieving a scholarship from Berkelee is no easy feat. So we can definitely expect great music from her in the future.


In India, being a Hindi Progressive-Rock band isn’t a cakewalk. Not being taken seriously beyond an Indie act and even being ridiculed is the baggage that comes with it.
Coshish is one of those bands that’ll make you delight in the Indie-Metal scene of India. When you hear their music, you’ll realize that their bass player subtly overpowers the rest of the sounds coming in from the rest of band. Shrikant Sreenivasan delivers a *baap* guitar solo each time he plays. They have an immensely-talented drummer, Hamza Kazi, who is considered to be one of the best drummers in the country. Coshish probably gets its distinct sound because of Kazi and Nair, who display the versatile knowledge of their respective instruments, through each song. Their music is the kind that you would want to listen to on loop.

Paradigm Shift

Another Hindi Progressive band that is making their presence felt is, Paradigm Shift. Although it sounds cliched, their music is nothing short of being called beautiful. It has the right amount of double bass drumming by Aamir Ismail Sheikh, Hindustani Classical alaaps and sargams by Kaushik Ramachandran, coupled with Nikhil Nandakumar’s haunting Carnatic violin.
What’s really cool about them is that they’ve got their distortion perfectly right.
If you’ve heard too much bad music off-late, Paradigm Shift is sure to heal your musical senses with Paradigm Shift. Once you hear them, you’ll know that these guys know their shit really well. They’ll leave you asking for more.

Artists like Vasudha Sharma, Coshish and Paradigm Shift, are nothing short of an inspiration for budding and original artists who want to make music that is far from being typical. More power to them.

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