These days, it’s not unusual for bands or artists to lose their charm after only a few studio albums. This is in stark contrast to artists like Bob Dylan, who are still going strong on their thirty-sixth album. What’s better? His latest record, Shadows in the Night, is the perfect soundtrack for Valentine’s Day 2015.

Like most of his past work, Shadows in the Night is the perfect example of an album done right. The album reels you in on the very first note of I’m a Fool to Want You and keeps you hooked until the last second of That Lucky Old Sun. Albums like these are few and far between. We’re just glad that Shadows in the Night is one them!

But that’s not the only unusual thing about Dylan‘s latest record. The tracklist comprises of ten ballads, all of which are covers of Frank Sinatra‘s recordings. What makes the album even more authentic? It was recorded at Los Angeles’ Capitol Studios, the same place where the original tracks were laid down.

Though we love the original renditions, you would be hard pressed to find someone who can deny the magic of Shadows in the Night. Each track takes tunes we love and puts a uniquely Dylan spin on them, making it an irresistible album. It takes the stirring lyrics and blends them with the raw emotion we hear in Dylan‘s voice. Each note and word is beautiful in itself, without needing anything to back it. Yes, there are no grand choruses, soprano singers or harps in the background. Still, romance flows from every note. Whether you’re happily in love or recovering from a heartbreak, this is one record you simply must listen to!

If we had to describe the album in one sentence, we’d say that it is the lovechild of Bob Dylan‘s Blood On The Tracks and Frank Sinatra‘s In The Wee Small Hours. We think we’ve made our point. So, what are you still waiting for? Press play and enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day album, featuring two of the most iconic musicians of all time!

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