Rating: ★★★

Verdict: An album accessorized by sounds of chases, the mystery and the romance that makes Bakshy!

Yash Raj Films‘ music is by and large about the romance surrounding stars in the Alps. However with Bakshy, the brand of romance shifts gears and experiments with sounds in an unexplored territory of music. The music of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy is not instantly likeable but definitely creates an intrigue to push-play the album on repeat mode.

The jazz, the women and the era of 1940’s Calcutta is the flavor of ‘Calcutta Kiss’. Saba Azad and Imaad Shah lend vocals for this song which would be ideal for the opening of a night club mix. 

‘Bach Ke Bakshy’ plays around with thumps and has interesting lyrics. The song sung by an ensemble of voices is sometimes hallucinating if closely heard. The music is fresh in its own niche way. The songs of Bakshy do not target at sugar coating the lyrics or the tunes. The music is dark and exactly how the creators of the album wanted it to be. 

The detective’s story isn’t only about the stains of blood. ‘Byomkesh in Love‘ and ‘Jaanam‘ bring out the woman in Byomkesh’s life. The romance plays subtly in the music and never overuses the emotion. 

What is grotesquely dark in the album is Joint Family’s ‘Life’s a b*tch’ from the original album Hot Box. It is smart. It is sexy. It sinks and makes you sink helplessly. The genre is metal and the growling elevates the mood that the track sets in. 

Two instrumental tracks ultimately push the listeners to visualize the world of Bakshy a little deeper. ‘Chase in China‘ is undoubtedly a winner and would be crowned ‘man-of-the-album’ if there was remotely anything as such. It brings together incredibly foot-tapping music rendered through a variety of instruments. The second track in this category is ‘Yang Guang Lives‘ which is more of a dialogue mix with simmering music. Detective Byomkesh Bakshy comes from music director Sneha Khanwalkar whose work boasts of unconventionality. It isn’t the best work from the music director but is reasonably well made. The album by independent artists can be dug in to find music that has been for long missing from Bollywood. 

By Soham Bhattacharyya

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