Sound Check: Finding Fanny

Rating: ★★★
Verdict: This season exclusive from Goa after Fenny is Fanny!

Maddock Films have rolled the dice. Producer Dinesh Vijan and team have scored high with the launch of the trailer and music videos from their upcoming release, Finding Fanny. The oddballs are well taking turns to win the game, this time around releasing the OST of Homi Adajania’s senescent script, Finding Fanny.

The album comprising three (technically four) tracks was out on August 19, 2014. The imperfection of vocals in the title track created a stir soon after the trailer was out. Mukhtiyar Ali’s lyrics ride strong on the hoarseness of his voice.

O Fanny Re, the very first song to be released, features the cast in a music video tapping foot in every wrong direction to add texture. O Fanny Re makes up for the long absence of a perfect lazy weekend Bollywood track. The song is seasoned with some amazingly written words in Hindi and Punjabi. The music is composed by a team seldom heard making music for Hindi productions. Mathias Duplessey, Sahin-Jigar and Sachin Gupta maintain a pleasant melancholic Goan flavor for the title track. O Fanny Re comes with musical instruments setting forth quirkiness, which in itself is an essence of Finding Fanny.

Mathias Duplessey lends vocals for Ding Dong, an English song that opens with gibberish lyrics. Ding Dong instantly reminds one of tracks from Anjan Dutt’s film on the diminishing Anglo-Indian fraction, Bow Barracks Forever. It can be called a ‘community song’ since it imbibes the essence of Pocolim (Goa) and is very well-layered with choruses. It is suggested you save this for your Christmas music list.

O Mahi Ve is a reproduction of the title song with a variation in the name. The last track of this album is a surprise dance number which also brings the five characters doing a cha-cha-cha in the music video. Shake Your Bootiya is an extremely catchy phrase, and this track is a break from all that Finding Fanny is about. It has no element connecting it to the storyline per se. But Shake Your Bootiya is composed to make you D-A-N-C-E! Fit or Fat, set your foot to shake that booty!

Finding Fanny has an OST which will stay for the season. The songs are few and can be picked for your playlist until the film doesn’t leave the theaters few weeks after its release. The soundtrack should be make for a pleasant affair during long drives until the audience Finds Fanny in cinemas!

By Soham Bhattacharyya

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