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Sound Check: Raabta

Verdict: Fresh, yet lacks originality

Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon's Raabta is based on reincarnation and is all set to release in the first week of June. Everything from the duo's chemistry to wardrobe, not to forget, even their super fit body is grabbing eyeballs. While the story in itself has intrigued a lot of us, even the music is quite catchy. It may not be entirely original but is certainly fresh. Here's what we have to say about the Raabta album.


Ik Vaari
It's not like happy breakup songs have been introduced to us with this movie, but Ik Vaari still seems like a breath of fresh air. It's everything from soothing to emotional with beautiful lyrics as an added bonus. Ironically, this breakup song will surely make you want to be in love.

Raabta Title Track
As soon as you listen to this tune, a sense of deja vu hits you and you exactly know why. The revamped version of Agent Vinod's Raabta is even better with a seductive touch to it thanks to Deepika's cameo who looks drop-dead gorgeous in the black gown. 

Lambiyaan Si Judaiyan
The name of this song may take us back to Jannat movie days and remind us of the popular song 'Lambi Judaai' but once you hear it, you know it's nothing like it. A perfect mix of Punjabi and Hindi, this song, sung by Arijit Singh, is beautiful, soulful and probably our favorite from the movie. 

Main Tera Boyfriend 
A rendition of the popular song Na Na Na Na by J Star, Main Tera Boyfriend is an extremely peppy and catchy song one cannot stop humming. If you've just heard the audio then believe us, the video is even more catchy. This one easily qualifies to be the party number of this season.
Sadda Move 
If compared to the other songs of the movie, this one may have fallen short on impressing us but the song may grow on you with the release of the movie. Also, what's likable about this song is a really cute Sushant Singh Rajput showing you his moves, which you cannot ignore even if you want to.

Have you heard the Raabta album yet? If not, do it already!