Rating: 3.5 stars

Verdict: All in good humor!

The songs from Guddu Rangeela are eccentric products of brand Amit Trivedi. Irshad Kamil pens down lyrics that touches base with the uncanny flavor of Haryana. The diction and dialect only favors the spirit of Guddu Rangeela.

Irshad Kamil has a trail of music albums to testify his ability to write lyrics that knock doors at both ends of creative writing. While his work with the album of Highway dwells in the hearts of music connoisseurs, Son of Sardar remains his flagship for the masses.

Mata Ka Email is a satirical representation of a time where people are impacted and influenced by social media to the extent of expressing bhakti/devotion. Gajendra Phogat’s husky vocal adds texture. The music in this song is overpowered by lyrics that are everything but straight. Title track Guddu Rangeela evokes a sense of déjà vu tracing back to Amit Trivedi’s work with Motumaster from Udaan. The voice of Amit Trivedi and Divya Kumar are well layered with the uplifting music. The title track is also rendered in a remix version.
Two romantic numbers Sooiyan and Sahebaan form the remainder of the album. The female vocals are beautifully done by Chinmayi Sripada for both the numbers. Arijit Singh adds melancholy to Sooiyan, a countryside-contemporary love song. Sahebaan rides strong on the beats that are equidistantly spaced out in the track.
Guddu Rangeela is a well edited music album with four original compositions, each having a distinct voice and identity.
Soham Bhattacharya