Rating: ★★1/2
Verdict: A youthful love album lacking fresh air
Sanam Re keeps you engaged in switching tracks. It is the kind of album that the listener hangs on to expecting more originality from the succeeding tracks. However the music directors never fully deliver fresh harvest. 
Right from the title track Sanam Re the music is promising but falls in the trap of monotony. Arijit Singh shines yet again in this half baked music album. The laggardness in voice complemented with the music in the title song earns brownie points. Sanam Re is a well made contemporary love song that stays and grows. And so do two other songs from the album. Gazab Ka Hai Yeh Din and Chhote Chhote Tamashe lend very different flavors to the soundtrack and both manage to impress in their short span of play. It is the return of the voice of Shaan that instantly makes the listener like Chhote Chhote Tamashe which has a sweet rhyme like quality tagged. Gazab Ka Hai Yeh Din falls yet again the kitty of star singer Arijit Singh. He manages to pull off this song very well with smooth sailing happy vocals. 
The least voted song from Sanam Re is Humne Pee Rakhi Hai. This is loud noise with a lot of mechanized music and some voice. The other less effective song is Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar by Armaan Malik, Amaal Malik and Palak Muchhal. The lyrics is old school and the music is just average. Lacking originality is a newly done version of 2001 hit song Tum Bin. Shreya Ghoshal as always is pleasant to hear, but the lyrics are mere repetition of the past hit song. Sanam Re has too many songs and much of it works against the overall impression that the album leaves. 
Kya Tujhe Ab Ye Dil Bataye has a sad resignation in tone which is well brought out by Falak Shabir. However this song too has nothing much to make it a winner in this averagely edited love album. By the time we’re at the last track the emotion becomes exhaustion. Tere Liye sung by Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari is a track soon to be wiped off the subconscious after a listen. The many music directors try and add elements to enhance the shades of love but collectively the album struggles to impress. Sanam Re in entirety could have fared better if only the album was better cut. You can find it all here:

– By Soham Bhattacharyya