Rating: ★★★

Verdict: This Zubaan liberates the niche Hindi film musician.

Zubaan is a successful stride to revamp the modern day definition for music in Hindi cinema. After having composed background score for top notch projects in the west, music director Ashutosh Phatak deconstructs the film music notion and offers more than a dozen songs. This coupled with well-thought Hindi and Punjabi lyrics make Zubaan an important piece of work that deserves a listen. 

Lyricists Varun Grover, Surjit Patar and Ashutosh flesh up the songs investing thought in abundance and translating them on paper. The album works beyond the language barrier and strikes a deep chord with the listener. Zubaan’s feat is also introducing a whole new set of singing talents that do complete justice to the nearly experimental music in this album.

After a long gap Hindi cinema gets to own an album that communicates with the listener and makes one want to revisit again. To walk through every track by breaking down the album would only mean giving away the experience. This album needs to be heard and felt

However, Zubaan lacks better editing. The impressionistic numbers gradually fade away once the mediocre beats get in the way cross talking with the listener. For audiences wanting to skip the queue, some of the best works in the album include Aaj Sanu O Mileya, Mittar Pyaare Nu, Bhave Tu Jaan, Music Is My Art and Dhruvtara


— By Soham Bhattacharyya