Strunz & Farah- A Magical Duo

There is a moment that comes in every music lover’s life when he/she misses an artist/band that shouldn’t have been missed. That moment when they want to hit their head with a frying pan. For the music lovers who gave Strunz & Farah a miss, this was their frying pan moment.

Strunz & Farah started off a tad-bit slow and really didn’t grasp the attention of the audience. But post the first 10 minutes, the music they played transcended to a level that was unimaginably brilliant and intensely resplendent. They played a one and a half hour set that included the tracks Pasitos, Vela al Viento, Jamilah, Raggle Taggle, Bola and many more. The incorporation of different genres within Strunz & Farah’s brand of ethno-jazz music made the whole musical experience pleasing to the ears. You could hear traces of Flamenco, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz and many other genres. Their use of Iranian and Middle-Eastern motifs was something that made pretty much everyone in the audience gasp with awe and glory. Farah’s composition Jamilah had some brilliant Iranian motifs that blew the audience’s minds away.

Strunz & Farah are one act that shouldn’t be skipped. Music lover or not, their music stands out from the rest of the mediocre music (and cacophony) we hear as of today. Their music has the ability to take your imagination to unknown lands. There are no vocals. Its a purely instrumental band and yet their music will make you want to hum their melodies. Once you’ve had a dose of Strunz & Farah, their music will play in your head on loop. Such is the power they exhibit through music.

For a musician’s ear, Strunz & Farah were a treat to listen to. Breath-taking harmonies and harmonizations, mind-boggling counter-melodies, exquisite chord embellishments and voicings would leave a musician awestruck. Their musical patterns were complex no doubt, yet they made it sound like it were flawlessly simple. Strunz & Farah were accompanied by a Flautist, a Percussionist and a Bassist. The band (especially the Flautist) along with Strunz & Farah’s fiery guitar playing gave the music an altogether new dimension. The entire Strunz & Farah line-up delivered music that would leave a person intoxicated.

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