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Style Yourself DASHing this EDM Season

Concert season is finally here!

Summer time brings concert vibes back to life. With such a long line up of back-to-back concerts starting with Dash Berlin, the struggle to pick our outfit becomes even harder. Every concert has a different ambience and looking around you’ll see people vibrantly dressed, which may increase your confusion. 
Since Dash Berlin is right here, it’s a perfect opportunity for you EDM lovers to explore different ways of styling yourself. It’s awesome, simple and unique to our own style. Concerts are places where we can take the liberty to express our style, dress up, accessorize and obviously connect with other ravers. Hence, your rave gear should be functional and also fun to wear.
Now let’s gear up and see what we have for you guys!

Rock Chick
The people who like concerts to be hard core and badass, this is your time to get a kickass outfit! Pairing ripped up jeans or shorts with a rock tee, and a nasty gal leather jacket will bring you the ultimate Rock Chick Look.
Tip: Pair your ensemble with some lace-up leather boots and you’re ready to rock all night long.

Techno Lady
Neon here, neon there, neon everywhere!
Concerts are the only time you can dress completely crazy and not look out of place. Anything neon paired with bright sneakers, tons of bright necklaces and bracelets will give you a perfect cray-cray look.
Tip: You’ll probably want a fun fanny because you will want your hands free to fist pump!

Hip-Hop Vibe
Well, for such people the dress code remains pretty relaxed and they usually wear whatever is stylish and comfortable, as they don’t want to worry about their clothing while dancing.
A fun colorful muscle tee would be perfect for them to stand out in the crowd.
Tip: It would be perfect to put on bright sneakers and skinny jeans. With this outfit you’ll be ready to have the time of your life.
Pop Hit
These people are the super girlie kind, and they want their outfit to reflect that.
An adorable sundress, or crop-tops paired with shorts/skirt would be perfectly cute for them to sing along to their favorite hits.
Tip: Add in some feminine bracelets and dainty necklaces, top it all off with strappy sandals or chic sneakers.
Last, but surely not the least is…
Indoor Chic
Indoor concerts tend to get hot and sweaty. People usually avoid wearing leather pants/jackets and overdo their accessories at such concerts. It’s a smarter option to go with something super chic and classy like a pencil skirt or boyfriend pants paired with crop-tops or body-cons
Tip: Wearing a pair of flats/gladiators will do a perfect job to give you an ultimate look.
Hope this article gave you a wardrobe check and also helped you style yourself!
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Stay stylish, Stay pretty! x

— By Kavita Jethani