The 5 Most WTF Moments at the 2015 VMAs

Everyone who has ever watched the VMAs knows that they’re less about the music, and more about the show. From Britney and Madonna‘s scandalous kiss to Lady Gaga‘s meat dress, the award show never disappoints. The 2015 edition, which featured its fair share of WTF moments, was no exception. In fact, it might just have surpassed all the previous editions.

From feuds and reconciliations to outrageous fashion and politics, the VMAs was a thoroughly entertaining affair from beginning to end. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here are five moments from the 2015 Video Music Awards that made us go "WTF!":

Kanye for President

Is there anything Kanye can’t do? From spitting some iconic rhymes to marrying Kim Kardashian, Yeezy has conquered both the professional and the personal world. Next stop? Politics, of course.

Getting High with Miley and Snoop

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 3 years, Miley Cyrus smokes pot. And in case you’ve been in a coma for the last few decades, so does Snoop Dogg. This is one collaboration that we knew would happen. What we didn’t know was that it would be this weird.

Nicki Minaj Drops the B-Word

The VMAs go hand in hand with feuds. Nonetheless, we didn’t expect Nicki Minaj to call out Miley Cyrus like this. OMG!

Miley’s Fashion

We don’t know what we expected, but this was certainly not it. From gems to flowers to pom-poms, it’s safe to say that Miley had the most unforgettable outfits at this year’s VMAs.

Justin Bieber Cries Us a River

Ever done something so well that you just had to cry tears of pride and joy… for yourself? Welcome to Justin Biebers world! The teen idol burst into tears after being overwhelmed by his own performance. Because, why not?