If there’s one person who can rightly be called the Father of Electronic Music, it’s Giorgio Moroder. The iconic artist who began his career in 1966 has been on a roll ever since. In fact, his recent hits with Daft Punk are proof of the fact that 74 really is the new 24.

Fans of Moroder in Mumbai have a reason to rejoice, because the legend is all set to play at this year’s edition of Johnnie Walker – The Journey. But what if you are a tad late to the party? Need to know in a nutshell what a big deal Giorgio Moroder is? Well, we’ve put all of Moroder’s most iconic tracks together, just for you. Look no further, here’s The Dummy’s Guide to Giorgio Moroder:

Looky Looky

No list of Giorgio Moroder‘s greatest hits would be complete without his breakout hit, Looky Looky. Saying that the song put him on the global map would be the understatement of the century.


Giorgio Moroder added another feather to his cap with the soundtrack he composed for Midnight Express. The score, which won him his first Academy Award is worth a listen. And there’s no better place to start than Chase.

Utopia – Me Giorgio

If you close your eyes and listen to this track, you might just feel like you are in Utopia! From Here to Eternity is one of the finest electronic albums ever recorded, and Utopia – Me Giorgio is the best track on the record.

Reach Out

Throughout his career, the legend has contributed theme songs for various sporting events. The first, and arguably one of the best is Reach Out. You don’t have to be an athlete to be inspired by this track, which was written for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Love to Love You Baby

There’s a lot more to Giorgio‘s credit than just his discography. One of the most iconic tracks he has written is Donna Summer‘s Love to Love You Baby. Did you know Donna Summer was labelled the First Lady of Love because of this song?

Call Me

Whether or not you’ve heard of Giorgio Moroder, you most definitely have listened to Call Me. The track, written and produced by Moroder, is one of Blondie‘s biggest hits of all time. And that’s saying a lot.

Giorgio by Moroder

His collaboration with Daft Punk is the perfect cheat sheet for anyone looking to get some insight into the life and works of the legend. The song, which starts off as a spoken-word track, leads into what might just be one of his finest compositions.

74 is the New 24

Just when electronic music was getting stale, the pioneer of the genre came back to show us how it’s done. And boy, it was awesome! The titular track from his latest record is the perfect blend of the old and the new. And who else could’ve struck this balance as wonderfully as him?

We know you’re already hitting ‘Replay’ on these tracks, so don’t miss the chance to see the icon in Mumbai. Book your tickets for Johnnie Walker – The Journey, NOW!