Do you have that one friend who "is a huuuuuge fan of John Lennon", but is completely stumped when you ask him to name any song that isn’t Imagine? In fact, everyone knows that guy irrespective of where they live, what they do or how old they are. If you don’t know that guy, you’re him.

If you’re that guy, we’ve come up with the perfect solution for you. Yes, the next time people talk about Lennon, you don’t have to nod along and mumble "Imagine". All thanks to the Dummy’s Guide to John Lennon.

(P.S.: You can thank us later!)

Give Peace a Chance

Everyone has heard of Imagine. However, few people know that Give Peace a Chance put forth a similar message two years prior to Imagine‘s release. If you want to seem even cooler, here’s a fun fact you can tell people. The song took a grand total of five minutes to record!


Lennon‘s turbulent childhood was a huge driving force behind his solo work and his work with Yoko Ono. No song reflects this as wonderfully as Mother. The chorus, which features lyrics that go "Mama, don’t go… Daddy, come home", is a heartwrenching making this a song you absolutely must listen.

Instant Karma (We All Shine On)

Even if you’ve heard of (or listened to) Instant Karma, you might not know how Lennon hit upon the idea for the song. Just like coffee was rebranded and sold as "Instant Coffee", the musician tried to present an existing idea in an all new way with this song.

#9 Dream

"Dreamy" is the best way to describe #9 Dream, one of Lennon‘s trippiest songs. If you ever need an ice breaker, you can always drop this piece of trivia: “The woman whose voice is heard whispering John’s name isn’t Yoko, but his mistress May Pang.”

Whatever Gets You Through the Night

John Lennon‘s first no. 1 single, Whatever Gets You Through the Night has an infectious melody that will leave you humming long after you’ve listened to it. Did you know though that his close friend, Elton John provided the backing vocals on the track?

Steel and Glass

It’s easy to infer that Steel and Glass is a jab at corporate greed and businessmen in general. Few people know though that the song was inspired by Allen Klein, the label executive who worked on The Beatles‘ finances.

Cleanup Time

To the uninitiated, Cleanup Time could sound like a song straight out of the ongoing disco revival. But you know better by now. The song, which has a delightful melody, is the perfect documentation of Lennon‘s years as a house-husband.

Now that you know all this, you don’t have to rely on Come Together and Imagine as your only contributions to conversations about this legendary musician. So, you have the dope. Head out there and impress all your friends with your newfound knowledge.