The only 7 songs you need this monsoon

It’s that time of the year again. When the pitter-patter of rain hitting the roof becomes the background score to all our lives. While most of us enjoy the rain, it can still put a damper on some of our moods. At such times, music really is the best remedy for our blues. In fact, there’s nothing better than the perfect monsoon playlist to lift our spirits. If you, too, are looking for a pick-me-up this season, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate monsoon playlist. Here are the only 7 songs you need to cheer you up this monsoon:

Remember When it Rained – Josh Groban

Josh Groban’s modern classic is the perfect song to drive away the blues this monsoon. The seemingly melancholic song leaves behind that happy afterglow that we all love!

I Made it Through the Rain – Barry Manilow

Are you a dreamer too? This is the ideal song to keep your spirits up this season. After all, dreamers have their ways of facing rainy days.

It’s in the Rain – Enya

There’s nothing like Enya’s stunning voice backed by the rain, is there? This haunting yet beautiful tune is the perfect song for when you’re watching the rain from your windowsill.

Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland

The most cheerful part of rain is undoubtedly the prospect of a rainbow. And is any playlist about rain or rainbows complete without this classic? We don’t think so!

When It Rains – Eli Young Band

Sometimes, all you need to wash away your troubles is a little bit of rain. And nobody conveys that better than the Eli Young Band.

On the Sunny Side of the Street – Judy Garland

Is the rain bringing you down? Is it affecting your disposition? Judy Garland has the answer. Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street.
Singing in the Rain – Gene Kelly


Very few songs associate rain with the celebration that it truly warrants. And Gene Kelly is one of them. There’s no better way to celebrate the season than singing in the rain!