We all love drives. Long or short! What makes it even better is the music! Here’s a list of 5 songs that you should have on your playlist when you’re out on a drive.
1. Shut Up and Drive – This song pumps you and HOW! Not that it makes you want to drive rashly but when this song plays the car will turn into a dance floor!
2. What is love – Remember the film – One Night at The Roxbury? Yea, that one. The head bobbing. The groovy music and the fun!
3. Take it Easy – The classic by The Eagles. A nice country song with super lyrics and a nice easy-going groove! Makes driving double the fun!
4. One of these days – An instrumental by Pink Floyd, this song is totally badass! If you get too overwhelmed with the song, you may just end up with a speeding ticket!
5. Give it away – RHCP at their very best! Not a fast-paced song but has the groove to make your drive so totally sexy!

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