Since its inception in 2007, Sunburn Festival has quickly become one of the world’s biggest electronic music festivals. In fact, it has even been called India’s response to Electric Zoo and Tomorrowland! But Sunburn’s impact goes way beyond just the live music scene. If you’ve ever heard of Sunburn On Air, you know that the festival has made its mark on the airwaves as well. And only people living under a rock would never have heard of it! Sunburn Festival doesn’t do anything that isn’t larger-than-life. This is why, the #SOA50 Celebration Weekend came as no surprise.

After all, it’s only fitting that 50 episodes of epic music would be celebrated with a bash like no other! For this celebration, Sunburn has brought together some of the finest names in electronic music on one stage. And they’re names that every EDM fan in India will recognize!

Your SOA50 playlist

As much as we love everything else that Sunburn Festival offers, the main draw has been and will always be the music! The #SOA50 line-up brings together some familiar faces that Sunburn enthusiasts have grown to love! W&W, who rocked Sunburn Goa 2012 and Sunburn Mumbai 2014, are all set to return for this grand celebration. Here are 5 essential tracks by the Dutch duo that you must listen to:

Anish Sood and (S)haan will hold down the home fort at #SOA50. Here are 5 of their best tracks for your playlist:

Turn up the heat!

W&W are all set to turn up the heat at #SOA50… Though that might not be necessary! Whether you’re attending #SOA50 in Hyderabad, Chennai or Pune, one thing is for sure. You’re going to have to brave the mid-April heat and humidity. But hey, when the reward is such good music, the effort is totally worth it!

Though the party starts at 5 PM, you still want to be on the safe side. Don’t forget to carry your stylish sunnies, and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Sneakers are always a good idea too!

What else you can do

Don’t want the fun to stop with the concert? Here are a few more exciting things you can do over the weekend:

RJ & Anchoring WorkshopFemina Believe Make Up Workshop
Chennai: A2Z of Advance Technical Strategies Trading / Investing WorkshopWorkshop on Personality Development

So, stay true to #SOA50’s celebratory spirit and make the whole weekend unforgettable! Now that you know everything you need to know before #SOA50, it’s time to do the only thing that’s left – book your tickets! So, what are you still waiting for? Click here and prepare for the best weekend of your life!

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